Sunday, 28 June 2015

Day five Epernay to Val-de-Vesle 57km 3.48 hours

Cakes: 1 croissant each; 0.5 pain au chocolat aux armandes; 1 chausson aux pommes; Coffee 3 x each

I missed blogging last night as I was nobbled by a beer, a small tumble (caused by the beer and a close encounter with a curb), followed by a couple of glasses of bubbles for the shock!! :) We had headed out at the end of a glorious hot sunny day of cycling for a wee jar at the local hostlery. On the way back to the campsite we popped in to see a gorgeous old church. The beer had befuddled me a little, and realising 1) I was on the wrong side of the road, and 2) there was a car coming, I attempted to bump up the really small curb. I went over the curb, the bike didn't. I was clipped in to my pedals, so trying to signal the lady (aghast) in the car that I was OK, I then performed a comedy show that involved me unclipping while pinned under the bike and the rucksack of supplies I was carrying (all the while smiling reassuringly at the lady who was still sitting in her car watching). Only once I had extracted myself and stood up did she also smile and drive away. The very good news is that the baguette and various pastries, cheeses, and bottle of champagne were unscathed. The good news was that I only suffered with gravel rash on my elbow and knee, and a rather bruised dignity!

Prior to the comedy pratt fall, we had experienced a fabulous day's cycling again. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, and rolling hills. One of the things I was fascinated by was the heaps of sweet pea flowers growing in many of the verges. The perfume was exquisite, and they look stunning. 

As well as verges full of wild flowers, another thing that really caught my attention today was the empty villages. We would cycle through entire villages and see noone. A cat might yawn, stretch and watch our passing, but otherwise the places appeared to be almost deserted. Having said that, the vineyards had almost whole families working on the vines, and the schools were full.

Lunch was in another shady spot, this time beside a (deserted) canal. We are venturing into more adventurous territory on the pastries front after yesterday's eclaire, and shared a light, fluffy, fragrant apple turnover. Sigh - heaven. Then, back on the bikes to weave up and through the vineyards, and back down again, and then up (ask John about the hills ;) ), to finally arrive at a rather nice campsite. Which brings me to the point where we set up camp and went for that beer :D

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