Thursday, 9 July 2015

Day sixteen (Tuesday) Chaumont

Cakes: 1 croissant each; 1 pain au chocolat (John); 1 tarte fuites (Hazel); tarte tartin (John); Coffee 1 x each

It was a really great feeling to hear the cycle tourer next door (70 years old if he was a day) packing up his tent at 7am, and to be able to roll over and snooze for another hour. After a well deserved lie in we did some more washing. Washing by hand is something you get really used to on a cycling adventure, although I am pretty sure that sometimes we are just redistributing the dirt more evenly!!

A light breakfast and we headed into Chaumont via a steeply, heavily wooded path that climbed up to .a fort. We clambered around like 10 year olds and had a whale of a time having a look into all the dark cubby holes and grilles around the place.

Next stop was the extraordinary church. Part Gothic and then built on over the centuries, the detail of much of the stonework and wood carving was exquisite. We could also see on the ceiling and some of the pillars faded remnants of the painting that would have decorated the interior. As well as the incredible light, the organist was practising while we walked around, treating us to a musical treat that enhanced the ambience of the experience.

By this point John was starting to talk a lot about coffee and croissant - always a sign! A bit of carbo loading (which included the beautiful tarte fruites I have pictured here), and we then settled down for some serious planning for the final days of our trip. Air BnB was our friend, and we've booked an old artist's apartment with a bay window, a washing machine, and a place to store our bikes. Perfect. We also have a plan for the rest of the route.

Now it's beer o'clock, and time to sign off. Back on the bikes tomorrow, and a biggish day to Saint Dizier.

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